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Let us help you elevate your understanding of the global cannabis industry elevate your company to the next level. PolicyQuake has helped several companies grow and thrive in the cannabis industry. PolicyQuake has been in the middle of the development of the medical marijuana industry since 2012.

    • State license acquisitions and transfer specialist
    • State competitive application assistance and market analysis
    • Strategic Planning and Partnerships - Arizona, National, and International markets
    • Investment strategy, guidance & analysis
    • National Brand Migration Strategic Planning and Advisement
    • Media/PR Specialists for the Cannabis Industry
    • Career Development and Analysis
    • Cultivation and Retail Operations Expert
    • Event planning in Cannabis Space


Downing and I have worked together for several years in the cannabis arena; public use, private industry (medicinal and adult-use) and in the efforts of the legislative and regulatory process. Mr. Downing is a person of high character and indisputable integrity.  His background and experience as a prosecutor give him invaluable insight into the domain of cannabis, its uses, and applications.  His extensive participation and involvement in the developing cannabis industry, in the state of Arizona and nationally, has expanded his knowledge and understanding of the emerging and developing industry with nationwide distinction.   His knowledge base covers the entire gamut of the industry – from production to marketing, bringing a professional image and counsel with a prudent regulatory structure to the industry.
Todd A. ClodfelterFormer Arizona Republican State RepresentativeState RepresentativeArizona

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PolicyQuake offers a free initial 15-minute consultation to see where we can help. Our team of consultants can help both the novice and expert navigate through the ever-changing and expanding cannabis industry.


We take a highly professional approach to help you and your cannabis business grow. From strategic planning to operations, we have been involved in the cannabis industry in numerous capacities since 2012.


We have helped several companies develop and thrive in the cannabis industry, helped numerous investors achieve their objectives, hundred of industry professionals advance their career, as well as lobbyists and advanced cannabis policy objectives at the local state federal and international level.

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