[GGM] Brian Warde

Brian Warde

CEO and Co-Founder for DMC Services and Zanzibar Prime management companies

Brian Warde is currently the CEO and Co-Founder for DMC Services and Zanzibar Prime management companies for Rainbow Collective / The Prime Leaf and Total Accountability Patient Care-licensed dispensaries for medical cannabis in Arizona. Since 2014, Brian has been responsible for the short and long-term strategic planning, acquisitions, compliance and operational requirements for medical cannabis retail and cultivation for the Arizona patient market.

Brian is an active and well-respected member of the cannabis business community. He has served on the board of the Arizona Marijuana Industry Trade Association (MITA AZ) for the past two years. With support from Arizona labor and agriculture, he took on a central role in lobbying the state legislature to pass legislation in 2019 involving greater sales tax and testing transparency for dispensaries, extending patient cards for two years, alteration of rural licensing allocation rules, and the addition of a cannabis committee to help legislators better understand the industry. He is currently nominated to serve on this committee.

Brian has extensive experience in grant, legal, government, retail and non-profit management. Prior to Brian’s transition to the cannabis industry, he was the COO for a legal technical assistance provider for the Department of Justice (DOJ) serving all federally funded (DOJ) and nationally recognized Indian Tribes in the United States and was the Special Liaison for the Prosecutors office for one of the largest federally recognized tribes in Arizona. Brian specialized in non-profit and government operations in addition to being an on-site trainer for law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, and victim support services in sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking crimes against native women in rural and urban tribal communities.

Brian also served 14 years in operational management for two national retailers and held multiple management and executive positions for these companies in sales, human resources, operations, recruiting, and loss prevention.