Investing in your future

Representation in Arizona is a necessity for most organizations doing business in Arizona. Policies enacted by both the executive and legislative branches and enforced through the regulatory process have an effect on every aspect of your industry. Decisions are shaped in part by public opinion, grassroots, social networking, media coverage, as well as the voice of individuals, organizations, and institutions. A strong public relations presence in Arizona is beneficial and necessary to enable an organizations views to be communicated effectively.

POLICYQUAKE has established a reputation of being industry experts, knowledgeable in our field and gained respect for the quality of the service offered to clients in this critical role of representation. Our firm assists organizations in navigating the increasingly complex environment of state and local government relations. We specialize in providing strategic advise to corporations, non-profit organizations, county & municipal governments as well as individuals.

We use our institutional expertise, knowledge of the local landscape, industry expertise, network and the most current information to assist clients in developing effective strategies to deal with legislative, regulatory, and political matters. A total commitment to the accomplishment of a task is the pledge and guarantee we offer to our clients.